A New Theory

Stayed at a place called The New Inn last night. The floors of the entire building are like something out of Harry Potter: the incline is unpredictable. It’s so bad in my room that two things were apparent. First, my keys would not stay on smooth surfaces. I kid you not, they slid straight off. Second, my body refused to stay in bed. I woke up constantly with my feet on the floor. But why? Is it poor building design? Subsidence? I don’t think so. So I have a different theory. 

If the standard measurement of the English inch was based on a monarchs thumb, and a foot based on the majesty’s foot ETC. Does it not follow that the concept of level might have been determined by Royal mental health at the time. Being someone who has suffered from depression, I know what it’s like to be up-and-down, so given architectures reliance of kingly bodies, it seem like a half reasonable conclusion.

There you have it, a New Inn and a new theory. I can only imagine what the Old Inn must have been like. 

BTW I had a great time at Bath Abbey and will reflect on it soon. 

I still can’t get over the place names. Chipping Sodbury?


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