What am I doing in England

Back in 1990, I travelled around the world with my wife, Jane. For the first three months, we toured the country in a tiny car, staying mostly in Youth Hostels and visiting out of the way places. One of┬ámy simple memories was the visitor books in each hostel. The reason? Each signature had a well-used notation alongsideed00c90a68c5397ac492b30ee3509996, ‘ABC’. It didn’t take long to discover what it meant, ‘another bloody church, or another bloody castle’. I soon understood why. After many weeks visiting ancient ruins, they all began to look the same; though the stories were different. Twenty-six years later I am returning to see some of the churches in a new light; specifically Cathedrals.
Having been the Dean of a Cathedral for over two years, I have been plagued by the question, ‘What is a Cathedral in the 21st century?’ So, because there are very few in New Zealand, I am hunting out Cathedrals in the UK that have made strides to understand how ancient worship can coexist in a modern world; how liturgical forms associate with the digital world of mixed media. And, perhaps more importantly, how does a Cathedral speak to its location, diocese and changing civic participation? I am quite hopeful it will be fun.